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Avery Rytel Bruce is a talented singer-songwriter known for her introspective lyrics, genre-defying sound, and captivating live performances. Originally from a small town in Arkansas, Avery displayed a natural talent for creating music at an early age, exploring any instrument she could get her hands on and writing songs throughout her teenage years.
With a background in Acting and a heart for theatre, Avery went on to pursue college at Oklahoma City University where she was able to collaborate with her classmates and hone her skills as an artist. At the height of the pandemic, she made the decision to take a mental health hiatus and join the infamous college dropout club. Upon her return to the comforts of home, she knew she wanted to use this time to grow creatively and direct all of her energy towards her music.  
With her true home on the stage, Avery's ability to captivate audiences with compelling stories and a voice that resonates with raw authenticity has earned her a local fan base who connect with her vulnerable approach to songwriting. Her lyrics explore themes of love, loss, resilience, and self-discovery.
Avery's music draws from a diverse range of genres, including alternative/indie, poprock, folk, etc. There is no genre off limits to play with, resulting in a sound that is both timeless and contemporary.

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